How do you get the most out of a casino bonus?

The best thing about the competition that has come along with online gaming is that every operator, including the large ones like Bet 365, has to compete really hard for their customers, and the way they do it is by giving us bonuses. There are two important things to think about when joining a new casino.

First of all, be aware that the first deposit bonus is usually the most rewarding one, as this is used to “hook the customer”. It’s not uncommon for casinos to double your first deposit. Therefore, to make the most out if it, it’s better to deposit a large amount than a small, especially if you intend to play on the site for a long time. What’s the use of depositing several small amounts if only one of them is going to get a bonus? You can find a whole bunch of different casino bonuses all compared and ready to choose from, as well as information about more games than anywhere else at

The second important thing when signing up is to always tick the little box to accept the casino to send you newsletters. It might be annoying to get promotional letter into your email, but this is really where the gold is. Sooner or later an email with a nice deposit bonus is going to pop in, and that’s where you can make a real profit!

If one thing is completely true is that the casino room prefers loyal players to the ones that come on and off. This is shown by the superb advantages which are given in the VIP programs through fidelity points, extra bonuses or private tournaments. You can find some really good deals for sites like PAF at!

So the tip is to play and to play a lot, as the more the player is active the better ranking to access the VIP. Once there the bonuses are usually valued double which is a very good welcome gift to play. The more bonuses you obtain the more money to play.

When I started to have a real look into VIP programs I had a blast, because, basically, you are rewarded  just to play, with no conditions or deals, simply by playing again and again, it can´t get any simpler really. I found some interesting deals in pages I had never thought of. Keep an eye on all these fantastic offers.

The above stated ideas might seem like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Finding a good website doesn’t take that long, especially if you use services like where you can find some of the best casino bonuses online today. Also keep in mind that using these strategies will inevitably increase your chances of actually winning some money at the online casinos, which is usually quite difficult to do!

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