Aggressive Play vs. Slow play

In poker there have always been a discussion on which type of playing style is to be preferred. Is there a playing style that will guarantee you success? The answer is probably no. There are so many world players out there with completely different styles of playing, everything from wild risk takers such as Gus Hansen, who can make the craziest moves and still manage to win loads of money, to extremely calibrated players as Phil Helmuth, who will count on every little risk factor in to the equation before making his decision.

The most commonly employed type of playing is probably the so called “tight-aggressive”-style. What characterizes this style is that you almost exclusively play quality hands such as AK, AQ or pocket pairs, but when you do, you play them aggressively. A tight-aggressive player is not likely to limp in with low value cards just to take his chances, but rather strike when he’s got the goods.

We think this is a pretty safe place to start off from( learn it here!), and a good twist you can employ when you have made a reputation of being tight, is to make huge bluffs with really low cards, as everyone at the table will assume you’re holding a really strong hand whenever you’re in a pot. So to summarize the whole thing, we would suggest you start off by playing rather tight and then developing your own kind of style as soon as you become more and more comfortable at the poker table.

However, a good time to employ a strong aggressive playing style is in tournament play, especially quick tournaments. Many serious players spend countless hours at the poker tables each week in order to make a profit over the long term. This is a great way for people with a very clear strategy and who are ready to put the effort and time into making money on this game. But if you are a less serious poker player, more in it for the fun rather than the economical reward it might offer, you may not want to spend half your days at the tables, and that’s where Sit-N-go tournaments come in handy! You can find additional info on poker strategy at sites like and, which both are poker centrals that aim to get you the best poker experience possible.

I Sit-N-go is a very simple poker tournament, in which every player buys in with a certain amount of money, until a table is full, and then you play a one table tournament in which the full pot is split between the winner, usually the first and second place. These tournaments usually don’t last more than 30-60 minutes and you can win quite a good chunk of cash if you’re good.

Keep in mind, though, that the skill level on Sit-N-go’s can vary a lot between the players, so make sure to adjust your game plan after this and don’t take anything for granted. offers a lot of guidance when it comes to tournament play.

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